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Donation Program
« on: September 01, 2011, 10:47:16 PM »
With the addition of Hell Let Loose and our ever expanding library of games played we intend to shift our server structure to a dedicated box that will allow us to rapidly deploy different servers/games on the fly. With this comes added cost. The estimated total per month operating costs of our servers will increase from the current $85 to $130 per month.

We currently have 1 ARMA 3 40 slot server and 1 Post Scriptum 60 slot server for $85 per month. Switching to a server box will allow us to have 1 ARMA 3 40 slot server, 1  Post Scriptum 80 slot server,  1 HLL 100 slot server, and then a private server for any of the 3 games when needed for training and events.

I have created a paypal pool for anyone willing to donate to our cause. Ideally we receive a few donations and I can make this change over the weekend before the Post Scriptum server renews on Monday. Thanks for your support. Rangers lead the way!
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