1st Ranger Battalion: A Realism Unit for Day of Infamy



Welcome to the website of the 1st Ranger Battalion, a tactical realism unit for Arma 3 and Post Scriptum.

We keep gaming fun, and well-organized. Interested in enlisting? Learn more about us and fill out an application.

Eric Broadaway
Technical Sergeant, 1st Ranger Bn.,

Commander's Journal

April 23, 2020 by Broadaway [1st RB]

Greetings From The 1st Ranger Battalion!

As we continue the tradition of what we have known as the 1st RB, many exciting and new changes have happened in the now nine years since our formation in 2011!  We are now fully involved in Post Scriptum as our new home for the time being.  We have not only challenged ourselves to begin this new journey with PS, we have also accomplished and overcome numerous obstacles, we have been enjoying the thriving realism community for PS and we have continued to Lead The Way!


Please Check out the 1st Ranger Battalion for Post Scriptum!

1st RB Post Scriptum Public Server:
1st Ranger Btn. |EST 2011|

1st RB Post Scriptum Event Server:
1st Ranger Btn. |EST 2011| - Event Server

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Contact: 1st Lt. Bankert for Recruitment and T/Sgt. Byrne for Events!

Company B Commanding Officer: Capt. Powers

1st Rangers Lead The Way!

Commander's Journal

July 15, 2019 by Broadaway [1st RB]

Hello friends,

Another year has passed here in the 1st Ranger Btn. - this week we celebrated our 8th birthday! This 8th year of the 1st Ranger Btn. saw us successfully shift our focus from a single game at a time to operating across multiple titles simultaneously, so there's always new game modes and training sessions for Rangers to experience. We are growing steadily taking in recruits in both Post Scriptum and Hell Let Loose. Later this month we hope to graduate our 170th training platoon! If you are still looking for a gaming community to call home stop by our discord and talk to one of the recruiters about signing up for the Rangers today.

Rangers lead the way!
T/Sgt. Broadaway


Post Scriptum Public #1:
Hell Let Loose Public #1
RS2:Vietnam Public #1