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Lt. Col., 1st Ranger Bn.,

Major's Journal

November 12, 2014 by Stornaiuolo [1st RB]

Greetings all!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful past few months! The 1st Rangers have been doing well and thriving as always. With the new year up and coming; we look forward to a bigger and brighter year for the 1st Ranger Battalion. 2015 will mark almost 4 years of activation since the 1st RB has been deployed to the Day of Defeat: Source community. It's funny when I take a look back on all of the wonderful people that have been apart of our small steps to success; the list runs on and on. Without our past members and support from all angles of the community, this unit would not be where it is today. Of course I still love and appreciate our current Enlisted, NCO's, and Officers; but I look forward to our future and where it stands for us!

As a friendly reminder, the 1st Rangers run Public Events every Friday and you are all more then welcome to join the fun! Sit around our pub and enjoy a nice beer (those of you that are old enough of course :p). Which comes to my next note, we are and always will be recruiting. If you are interested in any of the things we do here at the 1st Ranger Battalion and wish to seek for further information, feel free to check out our "About Us" section on the homepage. Take a look around and see what we are all about! Wishing you all the best and look forward to the new year!

Always remember, Rangers Lead The Way!

Signing off from the Major's Desk,

Major's Journal

September 01, 2014 by Stornaiuolo [1st RB]

Greetings all!

Been a while since I have written in the Major's Journal; just wanted to update you on how the unit has been doing. The past few months we have participated in a few official matches with the 1st MRB and 6th RB. All of these matches have been a testament of our Advanced Infantry Training as well as our Basic Combat Training. We have worked hard in weeks approaching to attain not only the best results but the best preparation. This cannot be possible without the hard work and dedication of our men here at the 1st Ranger Battalion. Scheduling, Planning, Practicing, and Repeating again and again. We thank you!

Numbers have been steady and we look forward to the new year. School is approaching so we are expecting a jump in numbers as kids tend to stay indoors more due to school. Always remember, that the 1st Ranger Battalion is recruiting and looking for new members! Join us in the pub for some fun and games. Public Events are typically on Friday's; stop on by and have a drink!

Wishing all of you well and hope to see you around the server. Until next time;

This is Major Stornaiuolo signing off from the Major's Desk.


Name:  1st Ranger Battalion 
Game:  Day of Defeat: Source