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Welcome to the website of the 1st Ranger Battalion, a tactical realism unit for Day of Defeat: Source.

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Todd O Bullock
1st Lt., 1st Ranger Bn.,

Captain's Journal

July 08, 2016 by Bullock [1st RB]

Greetings all!

July marks the 5th year anniversary of the 1st Ranger Battalion. Started up originally by then Captain Stornaiuolo and company and currently ran today by First Lieutenant Bullock. I would like to take a moment to recognize the service of Captain Singh who just recently retired. He lead us through some tough times and we're still here today but sometimes we must take a leave or step away from the game to focus on our personal lives.

The unit is holding its own in Day of Defeat: Source but the intrigue of branching out into new games is a very real possibility. It is take not to be taken lightly and will take careful consideration and planning if we wish to remain successful. To old members and future members, come stop by and see us again either in DODS server or TeamSpeak server. Who knows? You might even see us in another game within the coming months!

Rangers Lead the Way!

Signing off from the Captain's Desk.

Captain's Journal

October 25, 2015 by Bullock [1st RB]

Greetings everyone!!

There has been a few changes these past couple of months but the 1st RB is still here and still strong. We have gone through some tough times but I have hope and confidence within my fellow 1st RB members to create new ideas and keep this unit running strong into the year 2016. I will now take the time to thank all of the past members that have helped shape this unit into what it is now positive and negative because there will not always be good times there has to be something to overcome and help strengthen the unit as a whole.

So drop on by the server we are more then happy to pub it up and chat it up with any and all pubbers. If you enjoy the time you spend please add us to your favorites so that you can come back again whenever you please. We are always recruiting so if you would like to join you can always add a 1st RB member to friends and ask how to become a member.

Rangers Lead the Way!

Signing off from the Captain's Desk.


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